The People Issue 2017

The People Issue 2017

Twenty people making moves in Michigan

In 2015, we decided to commemorate what we thought were some of the most interesting Detroiters with what we dubbed our People Issue. So we bunkered down in the Metro Times editorial office and, after several rounds of lively debate, hammered out a list of 30 candidates united only in the fact that we thought they were doing cool things in and around Detroit — a list that included artists, activists, politicians, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, and more.

After taking a year hiatus, we're back with a brand new People Issue. In the following pages, you'll meet some of the people who we think are doing important work in the city, region, and state. Some you might have already heard of — like the man running to be the country's first Muslim governor, or the Olympian boxer from Flint. Others might not be household names, but equally as important — like the first superintendent to head Detroit's public schools after years of state control, or the head of the venerable Wayne State Police Department. Some have been toiling quietly in the city for decades, others are newcomers. One may have even brought your favorite band to town — and served you a beer at the bar at the very same show.

Of course, there are so many people doing good work that trying to create a comprehensive list would be a fool's errand. In the end, we tried to show a wide cross section of the fabric of Detroit. You might see someone you know. You'll certainly meet more than 20 people who you ought to know.

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